DOGGIS – A 30 years’ trajectory isn’t achieved just like that… Everything began when two young entrepreneurs discovered great potential and inspiration for a new business in the popular Hot Dog sandwich. At the start, there was only one quick-service restaurant that specialized in Hot Dogs, but it expanded in very few months with three more stores in Santiago and Concepción. Aware of the great possibilities their creation had, the first Doggis was founded on Bandera street in 1990, in the heart of downtown Santiago.

At Doggis, all of our products are made with the best quality ingredients. Our sausages are made with high-grade meat, which delivers taste, texture, color, and a special and incomparable size. On the other hand, our bread is made with our own special recipe: the perfect combination of lightness, flavor and texture. Another of our core hallmarks is the perfect taste of our sauces, always at our clients’ disposal… and of those who aren’t our clients, too. At Doggis Ice Cream Parlor, classic soft ice-cream cones are a highlight, whether single-flavored or mixed-flavored, which can also be served in glasses or cups, and garnished with different delicious toppings.

Young Chileans’ favorite brand of Fast Food. Nowadays, Doggis offers one of the tastiest and most convenient tray assortments in its category, which is why young people prefer it when choosing what to eat. Additionally, we have strived to consolidate communication in their style, using what they consume on social networks on a daily basis. At Doggis, we are that fun and funny friend in the group who always has a joke to tell; that friend who’s always there for you with a delicious hot dog to cheer you up, to celebrate or just to enjoy a good moment.

Brand Interview