Falabella is a Chilean Company that operates the department store business in Chile, Peru, Colombia and Argentina, where it enjoys market leadership.

  • It has large physical (111) and online stores where it sells a wide range of home and personal products, sorted by various categories, such as clothing and footwear, beauty products, electronics and appliances, and furniture and decorations. It uses its own brands, exclusive international brands, local brands and second-generation brands.
  • It has smaller stores that specialize in exclusive and second-generation branded clothing and footwear, which provide a wider variety of products from these brands compared to the large stores.
  Number of Stores Sales surface area (m2)
Chile 45 318,333
Peru 29 176,962
Colombia 26 174,831
Argentina 11 58,426

Note: the sales surface area and number of stores does not include stores that specialize in clothing and footwear for exclusive and second-generation brands. Peru and Colombia also include their Crate & Barrel stores.

This business unit has several competitors in each country, which can be separated into four sub-sectors: department stores, multi-stores, online gamers, and specialty chains, who focus their product offering around a brand, life-style or concept.

According to our estimates, the market share of our department stores in the retail industry by categories is approximately 23% in Chile, 18% in Peru, 7% in Colombia and 2% in Argentina.

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