Natural Aqua Gel Cure

Natural Aqua Gel Cure was invented by Takashi Okuno. From his early school days, Okuno knew that all human beings really need water and salt. Upon researching the mechanisms of the human body in relation to those essential items, Okuno discovered “miracle water”, a naturally occurring substance that can be found in only five places in the world. While it only occurs in the natural world, he was able to find a way to manipulate the natural process to create the same substance in the most natural way possible. With this water, his research, and a desire to share his findings to the world, Natural Aqua Gel Cure was born.

Natural Aqua Gel Cure is made with over 90% water. Prior to its creation, exfoliation could only be done with harsh acids at salons. Natural Aqua Gel Cure provides a gentle version that can be accessed at home.

In 2005, the brand received an award as the number 1 product in the facial mask category by the biggest consumer reviewing site in Japan. In 2008, Natural Aqua Gel Cure went global, and received the “Best Award” by the biggest drugstore chain in Asia.

Today, over 20 countries carry Natural Aqua Gel Cure, with over ,5000 stores carrying the product in Japan alone.

Happiness, excitement, and appreciation are feelings shared by the world. As a Japanese company, we thought of bringing those feelings to the table through our brand. Our mission is to bring delightful surprises and smiles to our customers around the world.

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