The Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT) was established almost 40 years ago, with a primary mission in expediting to procure adequate oil for domestic consumption. This was a drive for PTT to seek additional indigenous petroleum reservoirs for the benefit of the country.

Around 10 years ago, PTT introduced the concept of ‘PTT Life Station’ to be more than just a gas station, but also a one-stop-service to satisfy modern consumers with various lifestyles. When customers drop by our stations, they can enjoy a myriad of conveniences, for example; convenient stores, coffee shops, auto services, restaurants and other services.

Being the leader with over 1,600 stations throughout the country, gives us the opportunity to support surrounding communities through many different corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. Not only have we created a space for road users, but have built a ‘Living Community’ for everyone. We offer various services, facilities and jobs for rural residents that will eventually better the Thai quality of life. We are determined to be a place that helps the community, creating values for everyone by everyone, and bringing back neighbours, friends and families to where they belong. Together with the power of cooperation for a great living community. Together for a sustainable future.

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