Founded in 2000, BreadTalk is a distinctive brand from Singapore that has gained international appeal. It is renowned for the way it has revolutionised the culture of bread consumption where shopping for bread was unheard of. BreadTalk’s DNA lies in their constant pursuit in creativity, innovation and differentiating ourselves from the rest. Every three years, the brand will undergo a new retail creative concept so that customers can always look forward to a new shopping experience at BreadTalk.

Product innovation and creativity remains the core of their business. Combining the best of Asian and Western influences, BreadTalk’s very own in-house Research and Development (R&D) team conjure culinary magic for thousands of unique and original bread recipes incorporating premium natural ingredients, baking artistry and modern technology. From delicious breads to delectable cakes and pastries that delight, the R&D team works with an international line up of consultants from Japan, France, Germany, Taiwan and Spain to bring customers the best combination of culinary skills that encapsulates a world of tastes. Not only are these breads unique, BreadTalk believes every bread has a ‘life’. It takes on a personality of their own during the process of adding yeast and proofing the breads. Hence, every bread has a story to tell – one that is quirky, humorous and which conveys BreadTalk’s value of enjoying life to the fullest.

Today, BreadTalk’s exemplary network and team has spread its wings from Singapore to 17 locales across Asia and the Middle East. Its global network of estate managers, procurement supply chains and international partners deliver a competitive edge to further expand their footprints in strategic locations. Having built strong relationships with local networks especially in China, the business growth has been fuelled by strong relationship management and professional expertise in the F&B sector. This has allowed BreadTalk to be part of their customer’s daily lifestyle, wherever they are.

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