Café Amazon

Café Amazon is a leading Thai coffeehouse chain, a part of PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Company Limited (OR). It has been established since 2002 with the goal to bring Green Oasis experience into everyday lives by being the destination where people can meet, relax, revitalize, and enjoy its high-quality, unique and rich taste of coffee together with variety of drinks and snacks in a green natural ambience at affordable price for everyone. This has become its slogan, Taste of Nature.

Café Amazon is renowned for its uniquely rich flavor of its own signature blend that win the heart of million customers. It has carefully sourced coffee beans from selected coffee farms across Thailand and meticulously roasted in its own proprietary roasting plant at the Amazon Inspiring Campus. Not only does it create great aromas and a delightfully unique taste found only at Café Amazon but it also delivers the best quality in every cup of coffee to all customers.

Café Amazon is fully committed to grow a sustainable business with all stakeholders, by focusing not only on profitability but also on creating value to people and planet. For instance, the Community Coffee Sourcing project which it educates local farmers to grow quality coffee beans and purchases at fair price. It also provides career opportunities and creates equality of living through Café Amazon for Chance program in order to support the disadvantaged such as elderly and deaf person to become barista. The Circular Living concept store that it promotes environmental awareness by using biodegradable and upcycling materials in the stores.

Today, it has more than 4,000 stores operating across 11 countries, including Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, China, Japan, Oman and Saudi Arabia with an effort to continue expanding its global footprint for years to come.  Café Amazon is constantly on a mission to bring everyday refreshment and happiness to every part of the world.

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