Café Amazon

Café Amazon is a Thai multinational coffeehouse chain that is fully owned and managed by PTT Public Company Limited, Thailand’s largest state-owned oil and gas company. Founded in 2002, the first Café Amazon outlet was operated in a PTT gas station with the goal to enhance customer experience. From that day, Café Amazon continues to create great coffee, and has expanded to many other locations such as community areas, department stores and universities. Café Amazon now offers the unique Amazon blend at more than 2,000 Café Amazon outlets operating in 6 countries including Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines and Japan. As we grow, Café Amazon continues to create jobs for locals, and seeks out the most environmentally friendly products for a sustainable society. As a result, Café Amazon is gaining popularity across Asia and has become Thailand’s favourite coffeehouse for many years.

The heart of great coffee starts from the best quality coffee beans carefully sourced from selected coffee farms across Thailand. The beans are then roasted in the proprietary roastery at the ‘Amazon Inspiring Campus’ to create great aromas and a delightfully unique taste found only at Café Amazon. With the ever-growing popularity for Café Amazon coffee, the roastery is now producing over 10,000 tons of coffee a year to deliver happiness in every cup of coffee across the world.

With passion in coffee, anyone can become a Café Amazon coffeehouse owner. Café Amazon provides comprehensive training at all levels starting from coffee knowledge to operation and management of coffeehouses. A dedicated training centre in Thailand has trained over a thousand baristas and managers to provide a strong foundation for every Café Amazon outlet. With more than 15 years in the coffee business, Café Amazon also offers marketing consultation and technical support to set franchisees up for success.

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