One of the largest branded tea house chains in Asia, whose parent company is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, Chatime emphasises healthy Taiwanese traditional tea culture, which provides a variety of tea choices, fruit drink selections, and toppings to satisfy different consumers. It insists on providing high quality drinks with simple, standard and professional procedures. Through implementing the idea of a “High-tech Tea Brewing Procedure”, it ensures high-quality drinks for every customer.

Dubbed the pioneer in creating the modern tea craze in the ASEAN market, Chatime tea culture has taken the globe by storm. Now with 1,000 stores, Chatime is in a prominent position with its worldwide reach, continually expanding its global presence with strategic alliances, providing an unparalleled tea experience for consumers internationally.

Chatime has professional R&D teams dedicated to serving a good cup of tea to every corner in the world, by creating innovative drinks to accommodate local market demands, launching seasonal products to create market buzz. Its product lines cover 9 major series including, Energetic Healthy Series, Mellow Milk Tea Series, Special Mix Series, Latte/Fresh Milk Series, Oriental Pop Series, Smoothies Series, Fresh Tea Series, Coffee Series and Seasonal Limited Series. It offers a variety of quality and fun-filled value to consumers and to fulfil a wide range of needs for each demographic worldwide.


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