Thailand’s most favored bread and bakery products since 1982.

Iconic red tall bag of soft smooth and aromatic sliced breads. Farmhouse is No.1 bread for Thai people.

In 1982 or roughly 40 years ago, Bakery products under brand Farmhouse began its production under the wing of Sahapat Group, One of Thailand’s largest household product conglomerates founded by Dr. Thiam Chokwatana. Back then, only few bread brands were available since main carbohydrate source for Thai food was and still is rice. So, bread and bakery products were perceived as snack and thus aptly named Kanom-Pung (K̄hnmpạng) whereby Kanom in Thai means snack. In addition, bread and bakery products were found only in some fancy restaurants and cafés. 

Farmhouse products have centered around its motto, “Made Fresh Daily”. Moreover, Farmhouse began early on to introduce various kinds of high-quality sliced breads and bakery products to Thai people through TV commercials and various marketing activities. From then onward, Farmhouse still kept inventing and introducing more than 100 types of delicious bakery products to Thai market and Thai people.  Thus since 1985, Farmhouse have officially become Thai people most favorite choice of bakery that people choose for their family.

“Made Fresh Daily” is at the center of Farmhouse core values. They have committed to quickly deliver freshly baked bakeries to people at every corner of Thailand. There are over thousand Farmhouse trucks run days and nights every day from their two main factories in Bangkok to more than 50,000 outlets. In order to make sure that the products are still fresh in the hands of customers, the products are on the shelves for only 2 days. Unpurchased products, despite its consumable status and quality, are collected back.  In addition, to ensure consistently high-quality, they carefully choose high quality and exceptional ingredients, invest in high-technology research laboratory and develop professional world standard R&D team in collaboration with research laboratory in France. 

As a testament to their exceptional and state of art production facilities, Farmhouse has been certified with international standards such as Good Hygiene Management of Food Industry (GMP Codex) and received Certificate of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP Codex) from the OFFICE OF CERTIFICATION BODY [OCB], Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR.) as well as the standard that quote ‘Food safety for consumers everywhere’ in accordance with the Global Food Safety Initiative System (GFSI) such as BRC, FSSC 22000, etc. All of this standard is to ensure products safety and quality in every process. Furthermore, as a main supplier for most of international fast-food restaurant’s chains in Thailand as well as other retail and wholesale business, their facilities have always been verified with internationally accepted standards.

In 2020, Farmhouse started its online business to expand to new consumers as well as to offer convenient to consumers. The delivery services range from Farmhouse Delivery (2-3 days delivery) to Pungman (one hour delivery), depending on the available locations.

In 2021, Farmhouse delivers bread and bakery over 2 million pieces a day everyday all across Thailand. 

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