Frank & co.

With three decades of excellence behind it, this trailblazer in Indonesia’s gemstone and jewellery industry has certainly earned its reputation as a gem-setter, manufacturer, and retailer extraordinaire.

For Frank & co., which was first established in 1996, the end goal doesn’t stop at finding itself at the top of the Indonesian jewellery market. Rather, it comes up with exceptional and high quality products, and ultimately puts the country on the global map as a jewellery and gemstone powerhouse. This brand’s integrated business model, which runs under Central Mega Kencana (CMK), allows management to have full control over the entire operation, from the procurement of raw materials, design process and production – all the way down to sales distribution within its own retail network. It serves as the house for master jewellery craftsmen, boasting an assembly of more than 1,500 craftsmen or jewellery experts in the field. CMK Studio, an integral part of the CMK umbrella, embraces cutting-edge jewelry-making technology, harmoniously marrying tradition with innovation. Simultaneously, under the CMK banner, the CMK Lab meticulously upholds stringent Quality Control standards, guaranteeing excellence in every single product. Enhancing its comprehensive sales network, Frank & co.’s exquisite jewellery collections are available through Frank & co.’s 47 stores located throughout Indonesia, with ongoing plans for further expansion.

Frank & co., known as ‘The Residence of F Colour and VVS Clarity’ Diamond Jewellery, features its signature diamond brand, the Frank Fire, diamonds with strict quality control which are required to pass 12 Degrees of Rarity, before these Triple Excellent GIA Certified Diamonds are labeled as Frank Fire. Frank & co. also serves as official partner for De Beers Forevermark and Brilliant Rose diamonds. The brand just recently launched its exclusive gold jewellery collections called Frank Gold, which marries Italian technology with 18K gold.

Trust and innovation
To continue its robust growth, Frank & co. has time and again turned to tried-and-tested marketing and innovation exercises that have propelled it to greater heights. Knowing full well that trust is an integral element in the jewellery industry’s business model, the brand instituted reforms that would earn consumers’ confidence, especially when it comes to gold and diamond products.

The brand received a coveted Certificate for Gold Authenticity based on the Indonesia National Standard (SNI), by which the government verifies that the gold used for Frank & co. jewellery pieces, matches the exact, prescribed gold content. In addition, the brand also invested in a Mini Laboratorium facility in each store to allow customers to check the authenticity and gold content of the gold and diamonds.

The brand has initiated collaborations with renowned Indonesian designers such as Sebastian Gunawan and Monica Ivena – leading Indonesian fashion designers. In mid 2022, Frank & co. has collaborated with HYBE, South Korean multinational entertainment company, and launched Frank & co.’s BTS TinyTAN Special Collection, in which TinyTAN is inspired by the seven members of the 21st century pop icon, BTS. Since 2021 up until today, Frank & co. has been leading the ‘Nyatakan dengan Frank & co.’ umbrella campaign, which translates to ‘express how you feel with Frank & co.,’ encouraging people to celebrate everyone’s moments in life, hopes, and precious people in life with Frank & co. jewelleries. This campaign has been executed through the creation of short movies, social experiments, as well as offline activations

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