Hikari® is a line of scientifically formulated, specialty pet centric diets initially started with foods for Nishikigoi, the National Fish of Japan. Today, we are recognized around the world as the brand which offers the widest variety of animal nutrition for Goldfish, Tropical Fish, Marine Fish, Koi, Herptiles, Aquatic Reptiles, Small Animals and Birds, with each category offering a wide variety of specialist foods to help bring success to retailers and consumers alike.

Our extensive research and species specific product development helps us produce the highest quality diets possible, while helping to satisfy the needs of pet lovers and the nutritional requirements of the pets they keep. We hold the leading share of the Japanese ornamental fish food market and offer Hikari® around 70 countries and regions worldwide.

We are proud to announce that all 3 owned factories acquired ISO 22000 which is a food safety management system certification for the first time in Japan as an ornamental fish food manufacturing plant. Our thorough formulation processes, extensive test production applications and demanding feeding trials, at our own Hikari® Aquatic laboratory, help us to offer our customers the best options to help their animal friends to live a long and health-filled life. Additionally, these processes allow us to fulfill the unique and complicated requirements for markets like the EU, USA, Australia and China with ease.

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