JK Tyre

JK Tyre is one of the most well-known Indian tyre brands globally, and has been making its impact felt since the ’70s.

JK Tyre pioneered radial technology in India way back in 1977, and today is a leader in the Truck Bus Radial segment in India. Almost four decades since its inception, JK Tyre is now one of India’s leading tyre companies, manufacturing a range of tyres that cater to diverse business segments. With a growing presence in 100 countries, JK Tyre continues to be one of the largest tyre exporters from India. The brand has nine state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in India and Mexico with a combined capacity exceeding 20 million tyres per annum.

Over the years, the key to JK Tyre’s growth has been its well-timed expansions, its thrust on R&D, and strategic acquisitions in India and abroad. The two most significant milestones in this journey were the acquisitions of Vikrant Tyre, a Government of Karnataka undertaking in 1997, and of Compania Hulera Tornel of Mexico in 2008.


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