KONG dog toys have been enriching play, satisfying instinctual needs while strengthening the bond between dog and pet parent for over 40 years.
Built for durability, KONG dog toys offer mental and physical stimulation, while meeting a dog’s need to play. KONG rubber products are 100% natural and proudly made in the USA. Over the past four decades, KONG has solved the needs of millions of dogs worldwide with solutions that bounce beyond proverbial borders, speaking the universal language of dog.

Whether a companion, best friend, scent detector, physical aid or law enforcement partner, the lives of dogs of every type and profession have been improved by the mental and physical benefits KONG delivers. That is why, worldwide, veterinarians and pet behaviour professionals recommend KONG more than any other dog toy.

The iconic KONG Classic is the brand that created the company. Its classic red snowman-like shape is ideal for stuffing with pets’ favourite treats. KONG is a powerful tool for preventing destructive chewing, boredom, digging, barking and separation anxiety. It is a potent aid in crate training and weight management and helps soothe the gums of teething puppies.

From puppyhood to golden years, KONG enhances dogs’ health and happiness by recognizing the crucial role of play as well as the pure joy KONG brings to dogs. KONG provides innovative, durable products that go beyond simple fun, because…

Put simply…
Dogs Need to Play

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