Lewré is founded in 1997 and has won multiple awards and recognition over the years for its excellence in personalised design, masterful crafts and the ability to shape the fashion realm through made-to-order footwear.

Lewré (which is pronounced as Lu-Ray) draw its inspiration from the dawn of light which shines in tandem with the hope and love of humanity. The label was founded under the artistic direction of renowned designer and royal couturier Dato Lewré Lew, his team has showcased world-class design through the collaboration with renowned Haute designers such as Ben De Lisi, Arkadius Weremczuk, John Rocha, Melinda Looi and Eric Way to name a few.

With a fiery passion and keen eyes in fashion, the team gave life to a new face: Lewré Bespoke which will lead the label to new heights in the business of customised footwear. The growth of Lewré Bespoke signifies milestones of transformation, not just for the brand but viable demand for haute couture footwear globally.

The label lives by the tagline of “It’s very personal” which grants patrons the beauty and elegance one can carry without abdicating comfort; each pair of creation is a masterpiece and heart song of Mr.Lew and his team of designers and craftsmen.

In the quest of becoming the face of customised couture footwear, Mr.Lew and his team have had the privilege to be invited by the British Malaysia Chamber of Commerce (BMCC) to design six pairs of footwear for the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton during her visit to Malaysia in 2012 (Google: katemiddletonlewre for more information). Lew has also personally attended top celebrities such as Sheila Majid, Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza, and the members of the Malaysian royal family including HRH the Queen of Malaysia.

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