Optical 88

OPTICAL 88 founded in 1988, we have been rooting in Hong Kong for 35 years. OPTICAL 88 stores can be found in every corner of Hong Kong. Our store network also covers Southeast Asia, including Macau, China, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, with a total of more than 180 stores.

We see your eyes as the key to soul and entrance to the world. With a mission to preserve the best moment in your life, we strive to guard your vision health.

We pursue perfection and excellence by enhancing our service and expanding the business over years. Other than the well-known eyewear retail business, we have established Professional Eyecare and Hearing Care Centres where various comprehensive examinations and assessments are designed for you and family of all ages, including Comprehensive Eye Examination, Myopia Control Consultation, Progressive Lens Experience and Hearing Assessment, etc.

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眼鏡88 始於1988年,扎根香港35年。我們的分店遍佈香港每個角落,同時更覆蓋東南亞地區,包括澳門、中國、新加坡、馬來西亞及泰國,總數超過180間分店。



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