Since 1986, Petio has produced over 3,000 kinds of pet food, treats, accessories and many other products with the slogan, “Together Your Precious Life”.

Our mission is to “Create a symbiotic society for people and pets to spend a happy life”. Petio handles a wide variety of products to create this society; treats, foods, accessories, care products, daily necessities, toys, and many more.

Pets are members of the family. They are also irreplaceable partners who give us peace and energy. We at Petio always deliver safe and healthy products to pet owners, staying close in position to the life of pets. We put first in mind to achieve this mission and to take responsibility as the protector of the life of pets. We consider our products not only just products but also as communication tools between the pet owners and pets.
Treats are an especially significant tool between pet owners and pets. Treats offer a special time, which is a great reward for pets and a great joy and comfort for pet owners. Petio carries a big variety of treats so that pet owners can select them based on materials, shapes, volume by situation, purpose, body size and health condition of their pets. Treats are not just simply treats.

We also develop products like pet circles and pet beds which are much suitable for owners’ lives and environments, with trendy designs and shapes. We also create nursing care products for the senior life of pets. And even more, we deliver informative content to support pet owners in feeding and training pets on our cooperate web site.

Petio continuously plans, develops and produces products for pets from puppies to seniors, and for any lifestyle situation of the family, which can provide a good relationship with each other. So that pets and people all over the world may enjoy more, we plan and develop new products that can help make more connections through pets. The costume-wear products are a great example in which your pet can become various popular characters; and through the Japanese taste design, we also promote our culture. By involving pet owners, non-owners, potential owners and all kinds of people, Petio will keep on creating innovative products to make tomorrow a better one.







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