Royal Umbrella

With a nearly 40-year legacy, Royal Umbrella has become the preferred rice brand across the globe, capturing the hearts of consumers in diverse countries like Thailand, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Australia, Senegal, and more. This beloved choice has seamlessly united families from various walks of life, gracing dining tables with its alluring aroma and irresistibly soft, fluffy texture.

Royal Umbrella takes pride in its unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality rice. Employing advanced technology and stringent raw material selection, the brand ensures excellence from paddy to milled rice, maintaining hygienic production practices and traceability throughout. Distinguishing itself with proper harvesting techniques and cutting-edge technologies, Royal Umbrella guarantees genetic purity, preserving the authentic Thai Hom Mali inbred.

Notably, Royal Umbrella Thai Hom Mali rice earned the prestigious World Best Rice award in 2009 and has been consistently recognized as a Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand in Singapore for an impressive 20-year span, from 2004 to 2023. Besides, the No.1st brand in Thailand, Singapore, and many more.

Beyond its commitment to rice excellence, Royal Umbrella demonstrates a robust commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Engaging in sports, education, community outreach, and children’s initiatives, the brand embraces a holistic approach to social impact. Its dedication extends to optimizing the supply chain, participating in impactful social activities, and actively contributing to environmental conservation through initiatives focused on reuse, recycle, and waste reduction.

In essence, Royal Umbrella stands not only as a Thai Hom Mali/ Jasmine rice, symbol of culinary perfection but also as a beacon of sustainability, corporate responsibility, and community enrichment.

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