SANICAT – Sanicat is ainternational brand with over 40 years’ experience, specialised in cat and pet hygiene products. Cat parents’ expectations are top of mind in everything Sanicat does, to make sure pets and cat lovers can safely share space, living naturally together.   

Sanicat belongs to the TOLSA business corporation, with headquarters in Madrid, Spain. The company had spent over 60 years providing mineral solutions for consumer products, intended both for domestic and industrial use. Currently, the Tolsa is present in over 90 countries, offering products with over 250 different applications across various markets. 

As part of this, TOLSA extracts, treats, and sells naturally absorbent minerals and binders, which are the raw material in cat litter. Their experience, combined with the work carried out by the development and innovation department, ensure Sanicat products improve the quality of life for both pets and people who love them every day. 

In response to cat lovers’ needs and to better adapt to their lifestyles, where time is usually valuable and in short supply, Sanicat has developed different types of cat litters and hygiene products that improve wellness in the home and guarantee total hygienealways respecting cats’ natural instincts and the environment.  

Sanicat supports sustainability and social responsibility, doing things well and in full knowledge so that all processes follow an ethical and environmental code of conduct, holding international certificates. This commitment begins by caring about how resources are sourced, respecting the environment, and being honest and transparent. Some of our projects are reforestation, alongside education and health projects.