The story of Seiko began in 1881, when a 21 year old entrepreneur, Kintaro Hattori, opened a shop selling and repairing watches and clocks in central Tokyo. From these humble beginnings, and inspired by Kintaro’s determination to be ‘always one step ahead of the rest’, Seiko built up its expertise in every aspect of watchmaking, culminating in 1969 in the creation of the world’s first quartz watch, a development that changed the way the world told time.

Today, led by Kintaro’s great grandson, Shinji Hattori, as President, Seiko is still dedicated to the perfection that the founder always strove to achieve.

As a true ‘manufacturer’, Seiko designs and makes every type of component, including springs, in every type of watch, from the exclusive Spring Drive and Kinetic calibers to high-grade mechanical movements and innovative quartz technologies including Astron GPS Solar, the world’s first GPS solar watch.

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