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Founded in 1669 (The eighth year on the throne of Emperor Kangxi, Qing Dynasty), Beijing Tong Ren Tang (“BTRT”) was appointed as the sole purveyor of herbal medicines to the imperial court in a history of 188 years,over the reign of eight emperors since 1723. BTRT is renowned in the Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) industry nationally. Inheriting the Tong Ren Tang’s corporate motto of “No compromise on cost and labour despite the complexity of processing herbal medicines. No compromise on quality and standard despite the scarcity of medicine ingredients.” over 350 years, the members of BTRT (‘’We”) are keen to offer products and services in the highest standard of quality. We are cautious in every manufacturing process and details for excellence, the hereditary products are widely known with its unique formulas, superior herbs, perfect craftsmanship and significant efficacy.

Beijing Tong Ren Tang Chinese Medicine Company Limited (“TRTCM”) is established and become a core footprint in Hong Kong since 2004. It acts as bridgehead to other parts of the world and aims for the global market beneath, carrying out the nurturing mission of TCM culture overseas. TRTCM also set up the research and development production plant in Hong Kong subsequently, its modern facilities exceed the local standard of HKSAR government compliances and international accreditation including GMP and ISO 22000:2005 certification. In addition, it was listed in GEM in 2013 and successfully transferred of listing from GEM to the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in 2018.

With the commitment of “Two no-compromise” motto and the core value of noble morality and benevolence, We are endeavoured to pass the knowledge and workmanship of medicine preparation method on to the next generation, deepen the modernization of TCM and explore its application. By taking a culture-first approach and making use of medical treatments to introduce TCM, we will continue expediting the internationalization of TCM. Nevertheless, we would not only offer high-quality products and healthcare services to the world, but also actively fulfil corporate social responsibility in pursuit of economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Today, Beijing Tong Ren Tang has been developing its business on five continents and currently operates about 140* retail branches in 28* countries and regions overseas. We are proud and humbled that receive the highest recognitions in both national and internationals to our historical heritage, trustworthiness and professions. We will always endure and thrive on our corporate values, and achieve our vision, “Health Life Global Choice”, to the world in a propitious future.

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