Getha is a Malaysian brand, “Made in Malaysia for the World”.

Started in year 1969, Getha is the leading manufacturer and retailer of 100% natural latex mattresses and bedding products in South East Asia using Malaysia’s national treasure – Getah Asli.

Available in over 25 countries, Getha is a lifestyle brand with a collection of products to enhance your sleep quality from your first day to every day. Whether for a new born, teens, adults or the elderly, Getha products are innovative in design and function, created purposely with the modern lifestyle in mind. Made from 100% natural latex, the precious resource is collected drop by drop; every milky droplet of natural latex is a gift from Mother Nature.

It takes 7 years of growth before a rubber tree can be tapped, and it takes at least 1,000 cups of latex for one 100% natural latex mattress.

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