Bogar AG was founded in 1998 with the aim of developing and marketing top quality herbal grooming treatments, dietary supplements and remedies for animals that harness the power of nature. In 2001, the first product, a medical ointment called bogaskin® was put on the market. A number of herbal dietary supplements then followed, along with a wide range of biocides as well as dental and grooming products. Over time, Bogar has focused the product development onto the target species dogs and cats. The product range concept has grown to five ranges: Anti-Parasite, Dental Hygiene, Skin & Coat Care, Functional Food and Hygiene. Collaborating closely with research institutions and scientists, Bogar places great value into the development of effective, top quality pet healthcare products.

In the last few years Bogar has focused on inventing a considerable number of new products to complement the competent range for dogs and cats and now sells 91 products in total. One of the most innovative and successful concepts is the bogadent®-range. The aim is to support pet owners on the prevention of gum or tooth disease of their pets. Bogar has developed several dental care products as well as functional dental chews, which can be used on a daily basis.

Today, a team of eight competent employees and four field staff members are highly dedicated for the welfare of the animals. Bogar AG became an internationally respected specialist for high quality, plant-based biocides, dental hygiene concepts, care products and special food supplements. The marketing approach is focused on naturalness, R & D competence and Swissness. The brand’s Headquarters is located in Wallisellen (Switzerland) while a branch has been established in Wuppertal (Germany). The central logistics is based in Kassel (Germany). From there, products are shipped worldwide, mainly to the European network of distributors. Petshops, pharmacies, veterinarians, garden centres, CIY-stores and some selected online-shops are the most important distribution channels where Bogar is gaining more and more market share.

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