Pet Lovers Centre (PLC) is the largest pet care chain in Singapore and Malaysia with presence in Thailand, Brunei and Vietnam. It has 100 stores — and counting. It began humbly as a home-grown, family hobby business in 1973 and grew rapidly starting in 1995 when the second generation Ng family strategically began placing their stores in popular malls and eventually, online. An acknowledged pioneer in the industry, PLC offers the widest range of pet products and accessories, including the freshest pet perishables.

PLC is a recognized household brand synonymous with prime product offerings and exemplary customer service. It is the only pet chain that has in-store, vet-trained pet care consultants (PCCs) who provide professional pet care advice to customers. It is also the only store of its kind that offers not only on-time delivery of product orders directly to the customers’ homes, but pet transport services, pet day care services and a host of other conveniences.

Part of its success lies in its highly automated front and back-end systems. By investing in technology, PLC has ensured efficient operation of its merchandising, inventory and delivery processes. This directly translates into customer benefits, including a convenient VIP program for loyal patrons.

PLC also runs “The Pet Safari”, an innovative concept destination that brings the best veterinarians, pet groomers, pet breeders, pet products and other services under one roof. This is the only enclosed, pet-themed shopping centre where pet owners can do their shopping alongside their pets. There are currently 8 such outlets situated all over Singapore, Malaysia and Bangkok.

PLC promotes responsible pet ownership through advocacy programs which encourage customers to consider pet adoption instead of buying. In 2009, it also established Pet Lovers Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports various animal welfare groups in Singapore. As part of its mission to serve “pets, people and our planet,” the Foundation has helped raise substantial amounts of money and pet food for animal shelters.

Over the years, PLC has won many awards both in Singapore and internationally. Among them are the Singapore Prestige Brand Award, the Global PETS Award and Asia’s Top Influential Brands, Pet Service & Products Award.

PLC’s continuing commitment to serve the dynamic and growing demands of pet owners puts into action its company tag line: “All passion. All pets.”

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