Canibite is a flagship dog food product aimed to play at the maintenance segment in the market from Matahari Sakti, PT (MS), the pioneer Pet Food manufacturer in Indonesia. The company itself was established in 1988 as a shrimp feed producer. Late in 1990s, MS ventured into the pet food business in Indonesia with its well-known bird food by the brand Chirpy. The development continued on with producing other pet food such as ornamental fish food, koi food and dog food.

The idea of venturing in the dog food market stem from the founder’s love toward dogs. In order to feed her own dogs with good quality food and being a feed manufacturer, the development of Dog Food began in early 2000s. Back then, there were still many people feeding their dogs with domestic food, i.e. the left overs from the dining table. Concerned toward the greater good for dogs in Indonesia, production of Dog Food started at MS. Another piece of information that can be gathered from that time was that the dog food market was filled with imported goods. Not only were the products expensive, but they were also less fresh due to the distance and time needed for them to reach Indonesian markets.

Having a background in the nutrition business for quite some time, MS came up with a dog food with high protein by the brand Nutrition. We knew that proper nutrition for dogs was important and it encouraged us to market the first locally produced dog food in Indonesia. Standing on that foundation of releasing good quality dog food, MS developed another formula to suit the need of the market at that time. Thus Canibite was born. The philosophy of the name is pretty simple: combining ‘Canine’ and ‘Bite’ together.

We had a very great response with Canibite as it was what the market needed. We highlighted freshness as one of the key features. Canibite is formulated with complete and balanced nutrition for healthy life. With a tight quality control, we only use select, fresh raw material with the best quality to ensure satisfaction of our product. Canibite is guaranteed to fulfill dogs’ minimum requirement as regulated by international standards, referring to FEDIAF and AAFCO standards. Canibite is supplemented with omega 6, vitamins and minerals for maximum hair and skin performance and DHA for brain development. Calcium and Phosphor are added proportionally to support strong bone and teeth development.

Canibite is produced with advanced technology for better digestibility. Selected palatable key ingredient is used to make a tasty food that is irresistible for dogs. This year marks a new milestone for Canibite as it received an international acknowledgement with World Branding Award as Brand of the Year. As pioneer and key player in Indonesian pet food industry, we are very proud to receive this award as evidence that Canibite has been recognised internationally. We are hoping to inspire people from our achievement, and from now on we will keep moving forward and dedicating ourselves to develop pet food industry in Indonesia.

Now as people’s awareness towards small animals have risen, the demand for high quality pet food has increased, and we are committed to do our best in developing better products for better health. From scrap to table, Canibite provides balanced nutrition in every bite.

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