Bango is a sweet soy sauce (kecap manis) brand from Indonesia. Sweet soy sauce is an Indonesian sweetened aromatic soy sauce, used for grilling, stir fry, and dipping applications.

Founded by the Tjoa Eng Nio family in 1928, kecap Bango based its classic taste on black soybeans. In 2001, Unilever Indonesia acquired the locally-owned enterprise. The tagline, “Benar Benar Kecap” (The Genuine Kecap) and the brand sign-off “Rasa Tak Pernah Bohong” (Taste Never Lies) were both introduced by Unilever.

These properties continue to be used faithfully today and are considered an integral part of the brand heritage. The product quality is always the highest priority, made only from 4 high quality ingredients: black soy beans (mallika), palm sugar, salt and water without any preservative or additional chemical ingredients, to deliver the best taste of sweet soy sauce

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