Catzonia – An exclusive and purrfect place for cats, which provides luxury cat boarding hotel services, grooming, and cat spa services. With the thought that cats also need their own vacation, Catzonia provides the best services, to meet the needs of cat parents and their furry babies, as they want every cat that comes to be part of the Catzonia family too.

In November 2015, Catzonia was founded by Syahir Zainal, a graduate of a university in the US with an engineering background. He got the idea of setting up a cat hotel after he himself had trouble finding a safe and reliable place to put his cats while he was busy with his career as an engineer at the time. With a vision to transform the pet industry globally, he decided to step down and build his own cat hotel, having won first place for funding under TERAJU.

Throughout the years, Catzonia continued to grow by adding four more outlets around Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and Johor Bahru. With a modern concept, Catzonia has come out with its own way to make sure each cat who comes will feel at home and stress-free. Each outlet is designed with the CatzoTech concept, which prioritizes cat comfort in mind, no matter how long their stay.

They offer spacious, comfortable, and private rooms – not cages, ample play area, unlimited supply of premium foods, as well as CCTV facilities for owners to let go of longing for their cats. Plus, the love from every staff member so that every cat that comes does not feel lonely without their cat parents.

Apart from that, Catzonia is also one of the first in Malaysia to introduce spa services for cats. They believe cats’ health can be improved with regular spa treatment processes, using premium shampoos as well as natural ingredients that are beneficial for cats. Among the spa services that received a warm response from customers are:

– Royal Splash Spa
– Skinsational Bath
– Aromatic Salt Bath
– Sea Mud Treatment, and more.

Currently, they are planning to come out with their own exclusive shampoos and conditioners, CatzoSpa Kit, which are not only suitable for cats but dogs as well. They also hope to continue to expand their operations by opening up franchise opportunities to cat lovers, locally and globally, as they believe all cats deserve to be treated equally with love regardless of their breeds and get PURRFECT services and treatment at all times.

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