How do we create cat litter that is value for more?” – The founder of Snappy had this question on his mind 10 years ago.

The founder with over 20 years of experience in the pet industry has grown up with cats all his life. With his fair share of daily cat-owner-related hiccups alike other cat owners, he understands the exact needs and behaviour of our feline companions. Hence, the search for affordable, high-quality cat products is always at the top of his mind.

So, he thought, why not make it happen with a brand of his own?

With that, Snappy clay-based cat litter, Snappy Cat Sand, was born 10 years ago. Together with its iconic pink cat mascot, which is a representation of our furry, domestic companions, Snappy hopes to bring a sense of familiarity with fellow cat owners. Snappy has since become the number one household cat litter brand in Singapore and other regional markets.

As time goes, the founder of Snappy quickly noticed the potential health concerns and environmental destruction associated with clay-based cat litters, even though clay-based litter remains the most common and affordable cat litter today. He thought that “eco-friendly cat litter will grow in popularity” and YES, it is! He then went on to create Snappy Tofu and Snappy Bean to complement the conventional clay-based Snappy Sand. These two eco-friendly cat litters have the benefits of being compostable, virtually dust-free, and made of more sustainable sources.

Snappy envisions beyond just cat litter, striving to expand its product line with more quality products to meet the needs and improve the lives of all the feline friends and their owners, and becoming the go-to-brand for cat products, simplifying cat’s owner purchase decision, time and money.

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