INABA Foods is deeply rooted in a family tradition of excellence that has continued for generations. In 1805, Mr. Yoshizo Inaba started his business in Japan, harvesting fresh tuna from the sea, while providing high-quality food to families throughout Japan. Building on our seafood harvesting heritage, INABA Foods branched into pet food in 1958 and in 1989, the Inaba CIAO® brand was born.

Today, INABA CIAO® is the most popular brand of premium cat meals and treats in Japan. Now expanded worldwide with our products available throughout the world, in countries such as the United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, Korea, Thailand, and many more.

The Inaba family is committed to giving pet parents healthy options for their beloved companions. Our treats are low-calorie, grain-free, moisture-filled, and prepared without preservatives or artificial colors. Our meat is derived from cage-free chicken, naturally raised on closely supervised farms, with our deep-sea tuna sustainably harvested and certified dolphin-safe.

With our 215 years history and strength in innovation, INABA CIAO® will continue its journey to “Delight cats around the world”.

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