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Established in 1985, City Chain is the first watch retail chain in Hong Kong, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Stelux Holdings International Limited. Stelux was founded in 1963 as one of the earliest watch component manufacturers in the Far East and has grown to become an integrated watch group, owning several Swiss watch brands, including Universal Genève, CYMA, Solvil et Titus and Catena. In 1972, Stelux was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 00084.HK).

Since opening its doors, City Chain has continuously developed its extensive store network, strong watch brand portfolio and industry-leading customer service, all in support of the vision to be the best watch retailer in Asia. The brand not only pioneered a new watch retailing culture in Hong Kong, but also gained a competitive edge by helping watch brand partners build their profile in local markets while enriching consumer choices. Over the years, City Chain has expanded its retail footprint beyond Hong Kong to Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Mainland China, with nearly 150 locations across Asia.

In recent years, City Chain has been moving towards the affordable luxury segment. The brand has continued its pursuit of innovative retailing, product diversity and quality, e-commerce development and further strengthening its reach and appeal in the region. It has also partnered with various international brands to offer customers a multifaceted retail experience. Its recent initiatives include introducing new watch brands from Germany such as Tutima Glashütte, Sinn, Hanhart, and Mühle-Glashütte, adding them to its strong portfolio of Japanese marques including Grand Seiko, Seiko, Citizen and Casio, as well as renowned Swiss brands like CYMA, Oris, Ball and Solvil et Titus.

Committed to its industry leadership and culture of customer-oriented service, City Chain has consistently invested in staff development. Front-line staff members are empowered with training on the latest products, technologies, and emerging lifestyle trends. It also offers comprehensive after-sale service across its extensive network to customers, from receiving and tracking repairs to obtaining advice on maintenance.

City Chain have also transformed its retail spaces into lifestyle concept experiential zones, creating a more inviting, spacious and dynamic retail experience. At City Chain, the journey is about constant evolution and a profound passion for the art of watchmaking.  

時間廊於1985年成立,是寶光實業集團(國際)有限公司旗下的手錶零售品牌。寶光創立於1963年,是最早在遠東地區起家的手錶零件製造商之一。隨著業務不斷擴展,寶光發展成為一個綜合手錶集團,旗下擁有多個瑞士著名製錶品牌,包括宇宙(Universal Genève)、司馬(Cyma)、鐵達時(Solvil et Titus)和Catena。集團亦於1972年正式在香港聯交所上市(股份代號:00084.HK)。


近年,時間廊緊握機遇致力發展輕奢鐘錶市場。此外,時間廊亦不斷推出創新的零售方式、將產品和質量多元化、發展電子商務,以及在亞洲進一步強化品牌影響力和吸引力。時間廊亦與多個國際品牌合作,為客戶提供豐富的零售體驗。近期更引入別具特色的德國品牌 : Tutima Glashütte、Sinn、 Hanhart和Mühle-Glashütte;聯同日本殿堂級品牌 : Grand Seiko、 Seiko、Citizen和Casio, 以及瑞士著名品牌 : Cyma、Oris、Ball和Solvil et Titus,組成強大的品牌陣容。



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