Strengthen Muscles, Bones and Immunity with FERN-D

Vitamin D is essential in keeping our muscular, respiratory and cardiovascular systems in optimal shape. It is one of the key nutrients needed by the body to maximize the absorption of calcium essential in maintaining strong bones and teeth. Healthy levels of Vitamin D prevent bone loss caused by ageing. Aside from these, Vitamin D boosts our body’s immune system, making us less prone to infectious diseases.

Dietary sources provide some Vitamin D, but most comes from exposure to sunlight. Our body converts sunlight into Vitamin D after it hits unprotected skin. But too much exposure to sunlight is impractical and poses the risk of sunburn or even skin cancer.

FERN-D is an affordable, premium quality Vitamin D (vitamin D3 or Cholecalciferol) supplement from I-FERN Corporation; sourced from one of the largest vitamin manufacturers in the world – DSM of Switzerland. This world-class quality product is available exclusively through I-FERN Independent Distributors worldwide. Take FERN-D, your DAILY DOSE OF SUNSHINE even without the sun!

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