To many pet parents and professional groomers around the world, the FURminator® brand is synonymous with “deshedding”.

FURminator® takes pride in its pioneering roots as the Original deShedding Tool Brand, originated in 2003. It was invented by Angie Porter, a professional pet groomer in the American city of St. Louis. For over a decade, Angie attempted to find a quality tool to deal with shedding. After using every possible device in the industry, she realised such a tool didn’t exist, so she decided along with her husband David to develop it. Together, they created what was believed to be the first tool to safely, efficiently, and comfortably remove a pet’s loose undercoat: the original FURminator® deShedding Tool.

Spectrum Brands acquired FURminator® in 2012 and today, they continue to innovate and lead the deShedding category with high performance products that help pet parents and their pets live happy, healthy and less fur-filled live. Over the years the deShedding tool has been further improved. Today’s FURminator® deShedding tool is a professional tool designed with a unique, high quality stainless steel edge which reduces shedding by up to 90%. The edge safely and efficiently reaches through your pet’s topcoat to remove the loose hair and undercoat without damaging the delicate coat or harming the skin. The loose hair, which is collected with this edge can be easily removed from the tool using the “FURejector” button, allowing for simple, one-handed use. FURminator® deShedding Tools provide tailored deshedding solutions for various dog or cat breed sizes and coat lengths, ultimately helping to reduce shedding and pet parents’ frustration that comes from dealing with excess pet hair around the home.

FURminator® continues to raise the bar with complete and innovative solutions to deliver professional results for a home grooming regimen. To complement the deShedding tools, the FURminator® Grooming line includes high quality grooming brushes and combs providing gentle, effective solutions to maintain a clean, shiny coat for your pets. The FURminator® Hygiene line of shampoos and conditioners contain gentle formulas, are pH-balanced and formulated without sulfate, parabens or chemical dyes.

Thanks to FURminator® high-quality pet care solutions, pet parents enjoy spending quality time grooming their pets whilst pets are regularly well-groomed, happy and healthy.

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