Tetra, a brand of the US-American company Spectrum Brands Inc., is the pioneer and innovator in the aquatics sector. When founder Ulrich Baensch PhD invented the first fish food flakes TetraMin in 1955, he closed a gap in the market and allowed the spread of ornamental fishkeeping as a hobby for everyone. Since then, Tetra has grown to a full-range provider, from food, care and technical products to beautiful aquaria as well as products for garden ponds and reptiles. The products are sold in almost 120 countries around the world.

Tetra’s research and development facility is unrivalled in the aquatics industry. All colleagues are highly dedicated to unique product development and quality assurance thus generating a host of products, that are patented or produced with a patented technology. The department works closely with global marketing, which is highly aware of consumers’ requirements thanks to international market research studies. Tetra products ideally fulfil both, the needs of fish and plants as well as those of consumers.

In order to show families with children that keeping fish as pets is a great pastime, Tetra offers attractive license aquariums with popular film and cartoon characters. At the same time Tetra focuses on buyers who love designing their homes. The Tetra AquaArt Explorer Line aquarium particularly impresses as an attractive interior design feature and offers spectacular views into the underwater world with its 180° curved front pane. These design aquariums look great in any environment and are the highlight of any room.

Being the market leader in the fishkeeping sector, Tetra therefore succeeds in creating and offering great products that make fishkeeping a fascinating hobby and a cool and fun way of enjoying nature in your home.

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