The underwater world is magical, endlessly captivating with colourful, shimmering fish and mysterious landscapes. Aquariums are both fascinating and relaxing, allowing our thoughts to drift and helping us to forget the world around us. Therefore, more than 70 years ago, Tetra embarked on a mission to help people enjoy these magical underwater worlds and the wonders of fishkeeping in their own homes. Tetra makes fishkeeping more and more accessible each day with its passion, ingenuity and unwavering determination to fulfil its consumers’ wishes and make sure that fish are healthy and happy.

Tetra was founded in 1951 by Dr Ulrich Baensch, a young scientist with a passion for tropical fish. What started as an idea borne from his enthusiasm has evolved into a global, market-leading company. It was not easy for Dr Baensch to keep tropical fish in his aquariums. He had to visit lakes and streams and catch their food (such as water fleas) himself. Obviously this required a lot of time and effort, so he tried to find a less complex way to feed his fish. But he did not just want to simplify his own fishkeeping – he wanted to make it easier for everyone. In 1952, he brought to market the first industrially manufactured fish food in paste form. In 1955, driven by a desire to perfect his first product, he developed the world-famous TetraMin flake food, winning the hearts of aquarists the world over. Sold in the characteristic yellow can with a brown lid, this revolutionary flake food would go on to become the world’s bestselling fish food.

But Dr Baensch didn’t stop there. He sought to make fishkeeping more accessible, even simpler and, above all, more fish friendly. In the decades that followed, Tetra developed numerous products including water care products, medication for fish, aquarium sets and technical devices such as filters and heaters. Many of these products were the first of their kind and achieved international success.

All of Tetra’s accomplishments are driven by its exceptional research and development department, unrivalled in the aquatics industry. Its large team of scientists – including biologists and chemists – are responsible for developing and refining products and for quality management. In addition to devising innovative products, the company attaches great importance to building trusting relationships with its customers. At its heart, the Tetra brand is about identifying their wishes, turning their needs into new product solutions and making sure they always have access to expert advice. Dr Baensch’s revolutionary passion remains deeply rooted in the company’s DNA. Tetra now has more than 100 active patents and has received many awards.

Its food and care products are manufactured in Melle, Germany. From here, Tetra supplies the whole world with high-quality, market-leading products “Made in Germany”. Tetra products are now sold in 120 countries through a global network of national companies with sites in Europe, North and Latin America, Asia and Australia and countless retail partners around the world. Tetra has been part of Spectrum Brands, an American group, since 2005. The keys to its success remain the same: a strong bond with its consumers and customers and a belief that the company should serve as their personal, expert partner at all times. Tetra celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2021. As ever, it strives to meet tomorrow’s needs today and to help humans and animals live in unique and fascinating harmony. Tetra is proof that tradition and innovation complement each other perfectly.

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