Gems Pavilion

Established in 1996 on a foundation of inspired design, unsurpassed craftsmanship and exceptional materials, Gems Pavilion is the leading jeweller of Thailand, enjoys high regard among a discerning local and international clientele. Across Asia, to the Middle East and throughout Europe and North America, our jewellery adorns some of today’s most glamorous figures and stylish luminaries.

As Thailand’s prominent jeweller, Gems Pavilion provides the full range of fine jewellery, including designing, manufacturing, retailing, and exporting. With our outstanding design, skilful hand crafting and superb materials, Gems Pavilion creates luxurious, stylish and classic jewellery for successful businessowners, famous artists, stylists, the leading actresses, models and notable celebrities both locally and internationally.

With its brilliance, unrivalled beauty and distinctive design, Gems Pavilion jewellery represents the universal language of life celebrations. The beauty of Gems Pavilion’s jewellery is the universal language that everyone sees and understands as well as perceived the beauty in the same sense. We believe that people can celebrate their life with our universal language piece everyday while do not have to wait for special celebration occasion, whenever you want to celebrate your life, acquiring Gems Pavilion jewellery is a unique and luxurious pleasure.

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