Indoplas Philippines is the first Filipino-owned company producing and supplying premium quality medical devices that adheres to international standards of manufacturing ingenuity, quality control, and production excellence.

Our roots trace from humble beginnings in 1979 as a contract manufacturer for multinational healthcare companies. The company’s vision and its commitment to integrity, quality control, and distribution were our pillars of growth and now, Indoplas enjoys wide acceptance from consumers, healthcare professionals and institutions over the last 40 years.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic was a game changer as it forced all businesses across different categories, whether big or small, essential or non-essential, to change and alter their current business practices and adapt quickly to the hastily changing market environment.

No one can doubt health care facilities and workers were overwhelmed during this time and we were left with no choice but to care for our loved ones at home and this required us to have at least the basic equipment such as oxygen concentrators, pulse oximeters and protective equipment. Self-monitoring had also become popular during this pandemic because of our hesitancy to visit hospitals or crowded areas.

Indoplas’ market base was highly specialised and institutionalised such as hospitals and clinics focusing on our intubations and infusion therapy disposable product lines making it a challenge to add and educate a retail consumer base.

Armed with our expertise in the healthcare industry and well achieved communication campaign, we were able to craft a message to our consumers on basic home care medical supplies such as facemasks and PPEs to use and why Indoplas Masks were different from the competition. Heritage users love our masks while new users are almost instantly converted due to the high protection level, ease of breathing and comfort of our masks. Let us remember that most Filipinos have not worn face masks outside the hospital setting before the Covid-19 pandemic hit-so wearing a mask for 8 to 12 hours can be very uncomfortable and unnatural. 

More Filipinos now have an increased awareness and understanding over health issues, benefits of exercise, proper diet and monitoring bodily functions like blood glucose, blood pressure and sleep patterns.

Indoplas is increasing its product range for affordable home care and self-monitoring equipment, devices and supplies in 2022 such as blood glucose and blood pressure monitors 500 to 1,000 pesos price point making it affordable for every Filipino.

This will be available through our distribution partners both online and offline to ensure consumers have an easy reach of products.

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