Gold-D is an award winning  Singapore pet food and product brand founded by an anthropologist and a psychologist who are animal rescuers. Gold-D is named after our rescued FIV+ cat and we have since launched the dog collection.

Currently, Gold-D brand offers cat and dog food in wet, dry and freeze-dried formats, supplements, body care, hygiene and recreation products. AHA is our brand of pet friendly homecare products.

Our products are not bounded by any geographical constraints. Gold-D products are sourced from all over the world to ensure the best or freshest quality. AHA products are produced in Singapore. Gold-D and AHA products are animal centric and are not tested on animals

The business supports our rescue work, and we have a special focus on palliative care and FeLV rescue. Rahula FeLV Sanctuary is set up to care for FeLV cats and named after our first FeLV rescue cat.

Many Gold-D products were conceptualised in the course of our rescue work. In fact, what makes Gold-D products unique is that fact that the products we market are the same products we use for our own rescue cats and dogs.

To promote adoption of pets and to raise awareness of animal welfare issues, the models on Gold-D products were once abused, abandoned or neglected animals who were rescued and now happily adopted. Most the cats and dogs are recued or adopted by us.

We published the Gold-D Magazine and produce award wining documentaries to document and promote dialogue of animal welfare issues. We find it to be an effective avenue for animal welfare issues to reach out to a wide audience.

Gold-D products are available in Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Macau, UK and Greece. Because of our rescue heritage, in every country that we launched our brands, we support the work of local rescue groups and shelters.

We are committed to grow the business and to share our brand to pet owners and animal lovers all over the world. We continue to look for partners who share our values to represent us in different countries.

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