Established in 1992, KEMS was the first official Internet Service Provider licensed by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Communications to provide connectivity to clients around the country. KEMS since then took upon its shoulders the task of continuously upgrading its network & service to ensure providing the state of the art tech – internet services in par with both local & global markets’ needs – growth and total client satisfaction.

This level of professionalism and quality of services provided by KEMS could not have been reached if it weren’t for the efficient support as well as a dedicated specialised team working around the clock to provide the best. The KEMS team is a medley of local and international expertise meshing into one strong and efficient family to rely on for catering its services. In addition to that, KEMS has been working closely with strategic local & global service providers and carriers to extend its network, and enhance its services to ensure a lucrative as well as productive long-term relationship, positioning itself as a leader amongst competitors with innovative service, especially since it was the first to introduce Dial up and ADSL services in Kuwait.

KEMS is today focused on catering for the latest technologies, and to embark in new fields. Hence came KEMS Wi-Fi, iPass (Roaming internet service) and internet connectivity via fibre optic cables, working closely with the Ministry of Communication. Aware of the huge responsibility KEMS has towards its clients, it worked hard on taking all the necessary steps to implement sound measures and protocols applying for both ISO9001 (Quality Management) and ISO27001 (Information Security Standard) and was awarded both certifications which is a further step in ensuring the privacy of the client’s data and back up of its systems.

Clients come first, this is the motto that we at KEMS strongly believe in, and for that we have focused our efforts towards building a long term relationship with them, depending on our team of dedicated experts only fortified with professional skills and the best after sales service. Because we believe that the customer is the cornerstone of the company we are keen on building a strong relationship with our customers through a dedicated team equipped with the best staff and skills to provide the best after-sales service whether from our Call Canter, or in any of our distributed branches in Kuwait This is what distinguishes us from our competitors.

The KEMS team does periodic field trips and assessments for clients’ locations, which helps to identify each unique client, maximising client satisfaction level and to draft affordable plans and prices accordingly for upcoming campaigns. This has assisted KEMS in refreshing their offers and campaigns to accommodate the needs of the local market and has helped maintain a large base of loyal clients.

KEMS’s sole goal is to maintain a healthy & long-term relation with its clients and continue to offer all the new trends and Internet apps blooming up in global markets.

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