M-150  is the very first, and the most popular energy drink brand in Thailand. For over 30 years, our purpose and goal has never changed – to be the driving force and the fighting spirit for all Thais, to help the Thai people in pursuing their goals and dreams, and to have a better life. All M-150 marketing initiatives are implemented to serve this sole purpose.

With over 30 years of experiences in the market, M-150 understands that regardless of age, gender, region, or social class, achieving goals and dreams will not come down to anything more than your fighting spirit. With this spirit, no obstacle is too big, no problem is unsolvable, and no dream is too far out of reach.

One of M-150’s proudest branding initiatives lies within a boxing sponsorship programme. M-150 has been a proud supporter of boxing in Thailand for over 20 years, as the nature of the sport itself resonates perfectly with our brand purpose. M-150 was part of the driving force behind the success of Srisaket Sor Rungvisai. Srisaket is an M-150 brand ambassador. He won the WBC Super Fly Weight belt in 2017 against one of the best boxers in the world, Roman Gonzalez. Srisaket then successfully defended his title, cementing his place in World Boxing history, and breaking all kinds of records in the process.

M-150 has supported Srisaket since day one. Because we believe that no obstacle is too great for the fighting spirit, he characterised this and displayed it to the world as an underdog who never gave up, winning against all odds. His story is being told across the nation. He’s the new phenomenon, a role model, and an inspiration to the people of Thailand.

As with boxing, M-150 is a proud supporter of Thai football – both the Thai league, and the national team. As the most popular sport in Thailand, M-150 wants to see the Thai footballing industry develop and take it to the next level, and for the national team to finally take the step up to compete on the global stage.

In addition to using a sports marketing strategy, M-150 also combines idol marketing and music marketing strategies, as music has the power to reach everyone in society. Our selected presenters are artists and idols who realised their ambitions when striving to reach their dreams and enjoying success – a true M-150 spirit.

With all of the marketing initiatives, M-150 is able to provide energy to consumers both physically and emotionally, cementing our purpose which is to be “The force, energy and fighting spirit for all Thai people”.

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