KIT CAT – Established in 2013 by two brothers, Kenneth Koh & Kevin Koh, Kit Cat International Pte Ltd is a mover and shaker in the pet industry. Kit Cat is a Singaporean brand that has not only found success locally but has already penetrated 33 countries to date.

Interestingly, the Koh brothers, have never had cats as they have always been dog owners. Sharing the same passion for animal welfare, shelters and stray cats has been their main catalyst to start the company. The motivation behind starting Kit Cat was the brothers’ compassion for shelter cats and strays in the community. Local cat shelters were found to be using newspaper because they didn’t have the budget to purchase cat litter and this is how Kit Cat’s first product line came about – to support shelters with affordable quality cat litters.

After the success of their first product line of affordable quality cat litters, Kit Cat International Pte Ltd has since been a destination for specially made, wholesome and natural cat products that is made up of the freshest raw materials with over 20 product line and 161 stock keeping units to date.

Being purrrfectionists, their dedication towards ensuring the best interests of cats can be seen through their careful selection of the right ingredients for their products. The brothers are committed towards being transparent about the sources of their products to deliver the best for their cat loving customers.

After all, cats deserve to live a long and pawspurrous life.

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