ZOO STUDIO – At Zoo Studio, we have specialised exclusively in Animal Art Photography since 2006. We are one of the longest standing photography studios in Australia to do so. We do not photograph weddings, babies, landscapes or provide general corporate photography; we just photograph pets and capture the bond between pets and their human families. It is our passion, our soul, our life – every pet deserves to be celebrated and have their story told!

Since 2006 we have photographed over 8,000 fur-kids and this experience has given us a very strong understanding of animal behaviour, animal body language, and how to get the best out of your fur-kid in our studio – in other words, we are all about being ‘Pet Savvy’ – it is just as important as being a great photographer with the camera and lights. We have met so many different personalities in our studio over the years, so no matter how shy, crazy or uncontrollable you think your pet is, we have shown time and time again that we can capture stunning photographs that you will adore and love and proudly display in your home!

The team at Zoo Studio all have a lifetime’s worth of experience with loving our pets in the same way as you love yours. Our pets sleep on our bed, go on holiday with us, even share our cup of tea in the morning. They are our world.

We are passionate about helping animals in need and have worked with many charities since Zoo Studio was born. We have worked with RSPCA, S.A.F.E Perth, Oscars Law, Peiradise (Paradise for Rescued Shar Pei’s), Animal Welfare League Queensland, Parrot Society of Australia, Bat Rescue and Rehabilitation Queensland, F.A.U.N.A, Little Paws Kitten Rescue, Cat Cuddle Cafe, QSAR (Queensland, Staffy & Amstraff Rescue), amongst others we do for smaller charities.

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