Nahdi is a leading Health & Wellbeing Retail Pharmacy in Saudi Arabia. We exist to add beats to the lives of all Guests that enter our stores across 145 cities and villages in Saudi or connect with us via multiple online platforms. Each of them has a story, which varies from Health concerns which is our core to Wellbeing like Mom, Baby, Beauty and Skin Care needs. We partner with them in these individual stories and journeys to make them live happier LIVES – beaming with HOPE.

As per our company’s firm belief in being a “community pharmacy”, Nahdi Medical Company doesn’t solely serve the community by its products, but it also educates the society through various health awareness programs and prevention campaigns. The company uses its extensive local knowledge and network to invest in the development of the Saudi community.

Our Vision is to be the most trusted and loved pharmacy-led retailer making a difference in the life of every GUEST we serve, with the mission to exceed our GUESTS expectations, every day, by providing them with personalized high quality health, wellness and beauty products & services through our expertise and extended reach.

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