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NMC Healthcare started as a one-room clinic in Abu Dhabi, UAE founded by Dr. B.R. Shetty in 1975 and is today, a global healthcare enterprise headed by Prasanth Manghat, CEO and Executive Director. NMC is the largest private healthcare services provider and one of the largest wholesales and distribution businesses in the UAE. It also ranks amongst the top three fertility providers in the world.

NMC became the first healthcare company from GCC to get listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) in 2012. Part of the FTSE-100 index, NMC today has a market capitalization over USD 9 billion.

Every day over 20,000 patients receive treatment at NMC facilities across UAE, Spain, United Kingdom Italy, Colombia, Denmark, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Oman, Latvia, Jordan, Denmark, Slovakia, Kuwait, Yemen and Sweden. NMC’s team of 2,000 doctors and 20,000 paramedical and support personnel manage over 188 facilities globally. NMC has also developed highly identifiable and focused specialty centers of excellence which have a potential to evolve into even more specialized stand-alone single specialty assets and networks operating outside our hospitals in the future.

NMC has already established its presence in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Europe and Latin America through its Maternity & Fertility and Long-Term Care & Home Care verticals. The Group is planning to grow, an integrated multi-vertical and multi-brand healthcare network across several geographies including the GCC region and selectively beyond.

NMC Fertility: What began as a quest for capability creation with the acquisition of Clinica Eugin has today strengthened into a global fertility platform with leading presence in core markets.  NMC Fertility is a conglomeration of 41 fertility clinics located across mainland Europe, Scandinavia, the Baltic region, GCC, East Africa and Latin America. With brands such as Clinica Eugin, CIRH and Fecunmed in Spain, Huntington and Procrair in Brazil, Biogenesi in Italy, Stockholm IVF & Nordic IVF in Sweden, AVA Clinic in Latvia, Fakih IVF in UAE, Oman and Copenhagen Fertility Center in Denmark, our integrated network makes us a major player in the countries we operate with a relatively stable share of the market.

NMC’s distribution services division is one of the largest in UAE in terms of its diverse product portfolio of 100,000+ SKUs. Products are imported from 90 countries around the world and distributed to over 7,500 points of sale in the UAE.

The ethos at NMC is “Look at the pulse of the patient, not the purse”. This ethos drives NMC’s patient-centered care delivery process which has not only brought in appreciation from our patients, but has also earned NMC, recognition from the payers and regulators in the form of numerous awards. In addition, NMC has received multiple global and local recognitions in areas such as business excellence, customer experience, staff happiness & engagement and branding excellence. Some of the prestigious awards include: SKEA, MRM Award, International Business Awards-Stevies, Great Place To Work, Superbrands, Dubai Chamber CSR Label and Service Olympian Award.

NMC today is an integrated healthcare system providing hospital supply services, ambulatory care, acute and non-acute institutional care, medication services and residential care. NMC’s strategic acquisitions, coupled with its organic initiatives, have allowed the Group to establish new strategic verticals within the broader healthcare delivery platform with specialization-specific capabilities. To sum-up, NMC continues to be a key contributor in shaping the economic landscape of UAE and has earned the trust of millions globally, thanks to its dedication to providing superior healthcare outcomes, personalized care, genuine concern and a sincere commitment to the overall well-being of the patient and the society.

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