ODOUT – The Love for Mochi

It all began with Mochi, who was a warm, gentle, and cute Old English Sheepdog.  He was mommy’s first ever pet with beautiful fur and a great companion for the entire household. 

All was perfect until the day Mochi was diagnosed with folliculitis.  Mommy took Mochi to the best veterinarian she knew to get the best possible treatment. 

During the treatment process, Mochi started to emit strong odors due to fungal infections, which became a major problem for the household.  The odor got so unbearable that the elderly at home wanted Mochi out of the house. 

Loving Mochi whole-heartedly this was never an option to consider, so mommy decided to find the perfect product on the market to solve this odor problem. 

To her disappointment, the products on the market either gave Mochi skin irritations and allergies or simply only used scents and fragrances to mask the odor instead of eliminating it.  These scents and fragrances will in the long term affect the sense of smell of all pets. 

Unable to find the perfect pet safe product to combat odor, mommy decided to spend time on her own research and development to come up with an ideal formulation. 

Without the support of her family and with numerous failed development attempts, giving up was an easier option.  However, the love for Mochi kept mommy persevering and eventually the perfect formulation was discovered with natural persimmon extracts. 

With this natural hypoallergenic formula, Mochi was able to continue living a happy life at home without the problem of odor affecting the household. 

This gave birth to the ODOUT brand and the ODOUT logo till this day still bears Mochi on it as a reminder of mommy’s love, care, and persistence to develop perfectly pet safe and effective products, not only for Mochi, but for all lovely pets around the world.

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