ROGZ – The world’s coolest pet gear.

Rogz is a 26-year-old world renowned, pet brand founded in 1995 by two proudly South African locals, Paul Fuller and Irené Raubenheimer, in Cape Town. It is now a globally recognised brand that designs, manufactures, and distributes pet gear worldwide. Rogz pet gear is safe and trusted, connecting humans to their pets with a variety of functional and high-quality products.

With a proven track record in 90 countries, we have distribution centres efficiently handling orders and deliveries to world markets. We manufacture the majority of our products in our factories in Cape Town to enhance quality, create supply-channel optimization and reduce lead-times. We incorporate trendy fashion colours and design elements into utility items which are attractive and practical products.

Safety of pets is the number one priority at Rogz. All components and materials undergo stringent tests ensuring our products are manufactured to the highest quality, strength and safety standards. Being a responsible pet brand, we encourage consumers to make the correct product choice for their pet based on their pet’s behaviour and function required.

Rogz has around 260 employees, 40 of whom have been with the company for more than 20 years. Our company is built on core values that are genuine and not created for marketing purposes, a place where people can feel welcome irrespective of their colour, gender, creed or sexual preference.

“Rogz is a true South African story of hope,” says co-founders Paul Fuller and Irené Raubenheimer. “As a city and a country we have a lot to offer the international market. We’ve got a unique DNA, a flavour and culture that people really love. A lot of our international customers return to do business with us in Cape Town because we are creating hope for the future and inspiring people.“

Our vision is to be the most enjoyed pet brand on planet earth and beyond! Rogz is ambitious, setting the bar high and confident with our ability to grow. As a global brand, our value is the total experience beyond the product itself. Rogz is proud of pushing boundaries and not accepting limitations!

Whilst selling the world’s coolest pet gear, Rogz also runs our non-profit organisation since 2013, Rogz Academy, helping to empower local communities around Cape Town in the spirit of ubuntu through education, youth development and nutrition for a sustainable future together. With the help of key partners and sponsors, we are making a difference. Because there is more to business than just doing business!

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