As an independent, award-winning Canadian pet food maker, Champion Petfoods has a legacy of innovation and leadership spanning more than 30 years. Known and trusted among Pet Lovers everywhere, Champion’s ORIJEN and ACANA foods are available in more than 80 countries worldwide, and Champion has the distinction of being the most awarded pet food company on Earth.

Champion Petfoods’ mission goes beyond dog and pet foods: with a passionate commitment to transparency, research and innovation, and ethical and sustainable production, the company has earned the trust of Pet Lovers. In an industry with increasingly savvy and informed consumers, Champion has built a reputation as a principled and dedicated leader.

ORIJEN and ACANA are Biologically Appropriate™ foods, mirroring the evolutionary diets of dogs and cats and featuring unmatched inclusions of fresh regional ingredients that are sustainably farmed, ranched or fished and deemed fit for human consumption. The company only works with trusted suppliers whose values match its own. A rarity in the pet food industry, ORIJEN and ACANA foods and treats are made in Champion’s own award-winning kitchens, and the company does not make food for anyone else.

Champion’s ACANA brand, named after its home province, Alberta, and Canada, was the company’s first foray into the international pet food market and quickly became a favourite among Pet Lovers. Now celebrating its 25th year, the line of ACANA foods continues to evolve to meet the demands of its loyal customers. In 2005, Champion launched its ORIJEN brand, pledging to accurately reflect the natural diet that dogs and cats would have in the wild.

The quality of ORIJEN foods stand in stark contrast to its competitors, featuring ingredients such as fresh free-run poultry, whole wild-caught fish, ranch-raised meats – including Angus beef, bison and venison – and locally grown fruits and vegetables, all delivered fresh or raw to our kitchens every day.

ORIJEN Freeze-Dried foods, part of the award-winning ORIJEN brand, feature 90% meat, offer all the benefits of raw foods and use whole prey meats, including muscle meat, organs and cartilage. Prepared without cooking and using state-of-the-art technology, fresh ingredients are flash-frozen in nitrogen tunnels to gently remove water without compromising any of their taste or nutritional value.

To advance its foods, in 2016 Champion opened DogStar® Kitchens, the most leading-edge pet food manufacturing facility on the planet, in Auburn, Kentucky, with safety standards that match the pharmaceutical industry’s. DogStar® has already won prestigious awards and certifications from world-renowned institutions, including the Design-Build Institute of America, the Safe Quality Food Institute and the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

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