Özdilek started production in 1971 with two weaving looms, five employees and an annual production of 10 tons of towels in Bursa, the first place where the towel was produced. Today, it owns the 25 percent of the home textile market in Turkey with its annual production of 14,000 tons of cotton yarn, 10,000 tons of towel production and 18,000,000 meters of home textile production in facilities with a closed area of 122,000 square meters.

A fully integrated production is made in Özdilek production facilities from raw cotton to cotton yarn, from yarn to weaving and from dye house to garment. Starting from the selection of raw cotton, the quality process results in process control at every stage of production and quality control in the final product.

With its production capacity and quality performed in fully integrated facilities with modern technology and automation, Özdilek is among the top 6 in the world and 1st in Europe for the towel bathrobe production.

Özdilek brings 30 million US dollars of foreign currency to our country as a result of its exports to more than 20 countries; USA, Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Italy, Russia, Turkic republics and Greece in particular.

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