Russian Emperor Nikolai I orders the formation of savings bank outlets at the Moscow and St. Petersburg treasury houses with his decree of 1841 – the year marking the inception of Russia’s oldest bank, Sberbank.

Entering the newly-opened savings office in Saint Petersburg on March 1, 1842, Nikolai Kristofari, the Loan Treasury officer, could not have imagined that he would become the first ever customer of the financial institution destined to be one of the most bigest financial institutution in the world.

Sberbank today celebrates 175 anniversary and it is a powerful modern bank which is rapidly becoming one of the major global financial institutions. Over recent years, Sberbank has significantly expanded its international presence. In addition to CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus), Sberbank is present in eight countries of Central and Eastern Europe (Sberbank Europe AG, former VBI) and in Turkey (DenizBank).

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