Powercat is the only cat food product produced in Malaysia with halal, pure, clean and packed with high quality materials. It combines the freshness of ingredients and nutrients.

Powecat products are produced through a manufacturing operation using the most modern technology and facilities. Production of wet and dry food of Powercat has undergone rigorous research and development in order to ensure delicious flavours in each pack purchased product users. Every recipe is carefully taste tested, monitored the nutrients and healing properties, so that its customers’ cats can live healthy and happy.

Starting as the sole producer of halal food and diversifying into pet food manufacturing, PowerCat strides to use holistic approaches so that pets are always strong at each age range. Powercat products are made using fresh fish without preservatives and ingredients that can be detrimental to pets.

The product is designed to satisfy all nutritional needs. It combines the freshness from regional ingredients and nutrients to feed pets with undoubtedly world’s best natural sources from the sea.

Powercat’s dedication to quality is a worldwide commitment solidly backed by:

  • Selected high quality raw material.
  • Halal management programs.
  • Stringent quality control measures.
  • State-of-the-art production machinery.

The Halal logo included in all of its packaging indicates that its products are prepared according to stringent Islamic requirements, whilst assuring that Powercat production adheres to the strictest hygiene, quality and safety standards.

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