Q-PETS, a member of the renowned ADP Pentagon Pets Group, is a leading pet retailing chain in Hong Kong with over 38 retail shops. Established in 1999, with over 200 employees, the Group has a diverse portfolio of market leading retail brands & services offering everything from food, treat & toy, health supplement, body care product, to grooming. The market share of the Group surpasses by far the competition.

The founders of the Group, the Yip brothers, started to actualise an innovative pet chain store concept in the 90s which was the first ever business model in the pet industry. The Yip couple have a strong passion on pets. They owned 8 cats and treated them as close family members. At that time, pet products were limited in HK and they hardly found any pet shop with a pleasant shopping experience in terms of product variety and the environment.

Their vision was to build a trustworthy, convenient, hygienic, and non-smelly, valued-based “one-stop chain store,” enlightening the customers’ shopping experience for pet products. Their optimism was driven by the rapid growth of pet ownership and the purchasing power of pet owners as well as the growing humanisation trend of pets. It now proves to be successful and its share has been growing with the overall market size progressively.

The brand Q-PETS: “Q” stands for “Cutie” and the red “Q” implies a jumping heart. Together with “Pets” which let people easy to speak and remember Q-PETS is selling pet foods and a wide variety of pet utilities.

3 lovely mascots, namely Gilly (阿嬌), Monpy (阿懵) & Tinny (阿叮), represent top 3 common pets in Hong Kong. Gilly is a vivid cat with ultrafast reaction. Monpy is a sluggish dog but easy going. Tinny is a naïve rabbit with a kind heart. They get along with each other in harmony.

The Group will continue to expand the pet business by opening new stores, aiming at over 80 stores, with strategic locations near to pet-owning households and expanding the channel of distribution. Nowadays, Q-PETS is offering over 200 brands with more than 4500 items at the choice of pet owners. With the continual development of O2O platform, the Group expects to further increase the number of pet item to over 5000 and become the largest O2O platform in Hong Kong. Moreover, China’s market is one of the strategic focus with the growing knowledge of pet care.

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Q-PETS 成立於1999年,為五方集團旗下成員之一,擁有超過38間零售分店。現有員工多於200名,為香港最具規模的寵物連鎖店之一。集團致力提供優質及多元化服務給顧客, 並從世界各地引入不同品牌之貨品, 包括售賣優質的寵物食品、玩具 及保健品等。同時亦包括寵物服務。現時,集團的市場佔有率已遠超同業之競爭對手。

集團創辦人葉氏兄弟, 在90年代構思了嶄新的寵物連鎖店概念. 葉氏夫婦飼養了八隻貓, 並視之為摯親的家庭成員. 當時, 有質素的寵物用品選擇並不多,更鮮有可以讓顧客擁有一個優質購物體驗的寵物用品店。葉氏就憑著對寵物的熱誠,在香港的寵物行業上創立了第一家店。

隨著飼養寵物的人數急速增長,飼養的模式及文化改變, 讓葉氏確立了業務目標, 就是要締造一個可靠、方便、衛生的一站式連鎖用品零售店,給予寵物主人一個全新的購物體驗。此舉證明了其目標準確, 並成功讓集團在市場上一直穩站龍頭的位置。

Q-PETS的 ”Q”為英文可愛”CUTE”的諧音,LOGO用紅色意喻了熱愛寵物的心。加上PETS這個字,讓客人很容易便記得Q-PETS就是售賣不同選擇的寵物用品店。

Q-PETS的三個吉祥物,阿嬌、阿懵與阿叮,代表著在香港三種最多人飼養的寵物。阿嬌是一隻生動而反應敏捷的貓,阿懵是一隻單純但平易近人的狗,阿叮是一隻天真且心地善良的免子,他們一直都很和睦地共處著, 感情很好.

集團在未來會繼續擴展其寵物業務, 目標包括增加分店至超過八十間及分銷業務,務求店舖及產品都可以在客人附近,使他們購物更輕鬆方便 。今天,Q-PETS已為寵物主人提供超過二百個品牌及多於四千五百款貨品。隨著正發展中的O2O平台,集團預期將會增加至超過五千款貨品, 並成為全港最大的O2O寵物平台。隨著國內顧客對寵物之知識及要求, 中國市場在未來亦將會是集團重點擴展之業務。

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