Simit Sarayı

Simit Sarayı is Turkey’s homegrown international F&B retail brand, serving fresh Turkish bagels and other popular Turkish bakery products in Turkey, and international markets through its popular retail stores. Simit Sarayı successfully expanded its international footprint between 2010 and 2016 through company owned stores and franchise agreements. By the end of 2017, the company will have 426 stores across 22 countries, including Turkey. Through its proven hybrid store roll-out model and its delicious bakery products, Simit Sarayı aims to continue rapidly expanding its international footprint as one of Turkey’s global brand ambassadors.

Simit Sarayı follows consumer habits and expectations with surveys by international research companies and lays great emphasis on R&D work that gives the company great agility to respond to constantly changing market needs and demands. To survive in a competitive environment, Simit Sarayı strives to develop original products and offer the perfect product experience to customers across all its stores.

Simit Sarayı consists of 40 companies internationally. The objective is to reach 2 million customers daily in 2018 and to be in at least 25 countries in the world.

Simit Sarayı’s franchising system is designed to guide its investors in the most accurate way possible through optimization of conditions for investors. This system includes all services and know-how from location to feasibility, from concept management to architectural design, and from brand identity to communication issues.

Furthermore, training by specialised staff is provided to the business managers both before and after the store openings. These training programs for managers and personnel consists of equipment and product training as well as programs to improve managerial and operational skills.
Simit Sarayı provides consultancy services and ongoing support through the experienced operations team in order to maintain the highest service quality and standards.

With the modern design of stores and wide product range, Simit Sarayı strives to become everyone’s favourite brand. Since its beginning, Simit Sarayı has been producing traditional Turkish flavours, and has been a meeting point for loyal customers. Simit Sarayı offers unforgetable tastes from simit to pastries, to cookies and cakes, throughout each and every day, from breakfast to dinner.

Simit Sarayı’s aim is to turn every second into an enjoyment.

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