From humble beginnings in Taiping, Perak, in 1989, Spritzer has grown to become Malaysia’s No.1 natural mineral water.

Extracted from a pristine source deep underground, Spritzer’s silicon-rich Natural Mineral Water is protected by a 330-acre landbank of unspoilt tropical rainforest. Not content with protecting the source of the water, the company has fully automated its bottling technology, so the water that you pour out of the bottle is as natural and uncontaminated as it was when it bubbled out of the Earth.

Research at Keele University in the UK has found that silicon-rich mineral water is an effective way to lower the body’s levels of aluminium – a common neurotoxin that has been implicated in Alzheimer’s disease. At 35 parts per million of silicon, Spritzer is one of the best sources available.

Wellness relies on what we do with our bodies, and the new Spritzer EcoPark encourages young and old to be active, whether on a walk through the rainforest or at a fun game of outdoor mini-golf.

The EcoPark is packed with workouts for the brain, from the Tree Tag Walkabout and Discovery Tunnel to Kidz Zone crafting with recycled materials. Spiritual health is also catered for, with blessings at the 214-million-year-old Cactus Rock and Heart Lock Corner, where visitors can show their love.

Beyond its many health benefits, Malaysians choose Spritzer Natural Mineral Water for its taste, which is at the heart of the brand’s other bestsellers: Distilled Water, RO Water, Spritzer Sparkling, Spritzer Tinge, Spritzer Pop and Spritzer + Fibre. All of which make it easy for you to stay hydrated.

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