Telkomsel has been transformed into a digital telco company that is focused on enabling comprehensive and sustainable digital solutions both internally and externally. Internally, the digital transformation covers every part of the company, from human capital management, corporate culture to the organization. This is carried out by providing training programs to help Telkomsel employees to embody up to 30 digital capabilities of Telkomsel, implement seven digital cultures that have been key components of the corporate culture (open mind, creativity, experimental, agility, networking, innovation, dan anticipatory), and digitalizing operation by implementing an integrated application to process administrative works digitally.

Transformation within the internal of Telkomsel would enable Telkomsel to perform an external transformation by providing innovative digital solutions to meet customer’s needs sustainably. Some of the solutions include by.U (the first digital prepaid service in Indonesia which was born from the implementation of corporate-startup culture) and Telkomsel Orbit (a digital home internet solution based on 4G LTE networks created by a dedicated team). Overall, Telkomsel’s digital services continue to evolve and cover every part of life, from Digital Lifestyle, Mobile Financial Services, Digital Advertising, Digital Mobile Banking, to Internet-of-Things (IoT).

Furthermore, as a company that has been transformed into a digital telco company, Telkomsel is committed to keep moving forward by developing the digital ecosystem in Indonesia. Telkomsel utilizes superiority in information technology and digital to create positive positive social impact for the Indonesian society through CSR initiatives. There are four CSR pillars at Telkomsel; Education, Digital Society, Social Empowerment, and Philantrophy pillars.

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